After Shave cream for men - emollient & soothing - with enhancer of pheromones - 1000gr37.00 
Anti-wrinkle & Lifting Serum for men - with enhancer of pheromones, snail extract, viper venom, aloe - 1000gr121.00 
Anti-Wrinkle Grape Elixir - 1000gr69.00 
Artromio-calmin viper balm - 1000g57.00 
Balm with hemp stem cells - 1000gr95.00 
Banana body cream 1000g34.00 
Banana body oil 1000ml24.00 
Banana extract cream 1KG45.00 
Banana Shampoo 1000ml16.00 
Banana Shower Gel 1000ml10.00 
Beard and hair shampoo- for men - repairs & hydrates - 1000ml15.00 
Beard Conditioner - for men - repairs & hydrates - 1000gr16.00 
Bio Honey day cream spf 15 - 1000gr55.00 
Bio honey night cream - 1000gr28.00 
Biokeratin spray for degradated hair 1000 ml37.00 
Body Cream with hemp stem cells - 1000gr62.00 
Deo Fresh Spray body, scalp & feet - 1000ml44.00 
Grape Elixir Shower Gel - 1000ml10.00 
Hair mask with banana extract 1000ml36.00 
Hair regenerating booster serum - 1000 ml181.00 
Hair repair mask 1000 ml43.00 
HERBAGEN SPF30 spray with Argan oil and micronized spheres with organic UVA-UVB filters 1000ml57.00 
Highlighting serum Indian Summer - 1000gr55.00 
Honey hair mask - 1000gr37.00 
Honey hair tonic serum - 1000gr40.00 
Instant filler peel off mask 1000ml166.00 
Instant filler serum with hyaluronic acid microspheres - 1000ml132.00 
Intensive hair regenerating shampoo 1000 ml34.00 
Intensive hair regenerating shampoo for men 1000 ml34.00 
Repairing balm with cica and snail extracts - 1000gr201.00 
Shading Conditioner - Dark Grey - UNISEX - 1000gr43.00 
Shading Gel - Dark Grey - UNISEX - 1000ml40.00 
Shading Shampoo - Dark Grey - UNISEX - 1000ml54.00 
Skin lightening grape elixir - 1000gr43.00 
Slimming grape elixir - 1000ml32.00 
Black Coal Face Mask - 1000gr80.00 
Lavender Argentum Floral Water - 1000ml61.00 
Herbagen Biphasic Micellar Water - 1000ml20.00 
Ayurveda relaxing anti-stress balm - 1000gr86.00 
BB Argireline antiwrinkle and lifting Day Cream with SPF 15 - 1000gr301.00 
Depilatory wax - 1000gr37.00 
Capillary poli-vegetal complex - 1000gr29.00 
Anti-cellulite WARM cream - 1000gr82.00 
Anti-cellulite CRYO cream - 1000gr55.00 
Anti-Acne cream with allantoin, calendula oil,tea tree and lavender essential oils - 1000gr46.00 
Anti-cellulite cream with marine algae extract - 1000gr29.00 
Marine collagen cream with bio avocado oil - 1000ml37.00 
Miorelax anti-wrinkle cream with Ocra extract - 1000gr98.00 
Anti-wrinkle and depigmentation cream with snail extract A&D - 1000gr192.00 
Argireline anti-wrinkle and lifting cream - 1000gr129.00 
Anti-wrinkle cream with chamomile, calendula and hipericum extracts, A and E vitamins - 1000gr35.00 
Anti-wrinkle balm cream with snail extract - 1000gr113.00 
Macadamia Raspberry BB Cream - 1000gr229.00 
Cream with marine collagen and calendula extract - 1000gr37.00 
Eye contour cream with snail extract - 1000gr182.00 
Snail extract cream - 1000gr86.00 
Body cream with bergamot and basil - 1000gr20.00 
Lavender water and shea butter cream - 1000gr23.00 
Body Cream with local slimming effect - 1000gr113.00 
Mint leaves body and face cream - 1000gr20.00 
Body cream with red grape microzest - 1000gr20.00 
Body cream with jojoba, olive oil and A&E vitamins - 1000gr29.00 
Body cream with jojoba and vitamins A&E - 1000gr23.00 
Face cream with red grape microzest - 1000gr26.00 
Aloe vera and marine collagen hand cream - 1000gr17.00 
Citrus hand cream with glycerin and olive oil - 1000gr17.00 
Jasmine hand cream with macadamia and jojoba oils - 1000gr17.00 
A &E Vitamins and olive oil hand cream - 1000gr17.00 
Anti-wrinkle night cream with stem cells - 1000gr88.00 
Stem cells day cream with SPF 30 - 1000gr115.00 
Day cream with snail extract SPF 15 - 1000gr103.00 
Day cream Spf 30 with mineral filters and argan oil Bio - 1000ml93.00 
Instant Filler Cream with hyaluronic acid & marine atelocollagen microspheres - 1000gr143.00 
Instant Lip Filler Balm with hyaluronic acid & marine atelocollagen microspheres - 1000gr158.00 
Snail extract body fluid cream - 1000gr77.00 
Moisturizing cream with abyssinian oil and shea butter - 1000gr17.00 
Intensive anti-acne cream with snail extract - 1000gr86.00 
Lifting and luminosity cream with snail extract L&L - 1000gr307.00 
Nourishing cream with BIO Argan Oil and Phytoceramides - 1000gr26.00 
Keritogen Total - 1000gr35.00 
Keritogen Forte - 1000gr49.00 
Face cream for men with jojoba oil and A&E vitamins - 1000gr17.00 
Antiperspirant gel for feet - 1000ml12.00 
Gel with snail extract - 1000gr171.00 
Chocolate Dream Shower Gel - 1000ml10.00 
Shower Gel Candy Tea Time - 1000ml10.00 
Chinese Fruits shower gel - 1000ml10.00 
Herbagen hemp shower gel - 1000ml10.00 
Herbagen honey shower gel - 1000ml10.00 
Shower Gel orange and verveine - 1000ml10.00 
Shower Gel with verveine essential oil - 1000ml10.00 
Anti-cellulite exfoliating Shower Gel with Cirebelle wax spheres - 1000ml14.00 
Grapefruit Shower Gel - 1000ml10.00 
Lavender Shower Gel - 1000ml10.00 
Lilac Shower Gel Herbagen - 1000ml10.00 
Shower Gel apple and cinnamon Tea Time - 1000ml10.00 
Shower Gel Mint Leaves - 1000ml10.00 
Shower Gel White Musk Tea Time - 1000ml10.00 
Ocean Shower Gel - 1000ml10.00 
Spirulina Shower Gel - 1000ml10.00 
Rose Shower Gel - 1000ml10.00 
Artromio-Calmin massage gel - 1000ml32.00 
Herbagen Exfoliating Facial Gel - 1000ml15.00 
Face and body moisturizing gel with aloe vera extract - 1000gr17.00 
Moisturizing gel with unispheres - 1000ml29.00 
Instant refreshing gel - 1000gr43.00 
Jasmine Shower Gel - 1000ml10.00 
Keritogen 10% urea - 1000gr23.00 
Keritogen 20% urea moisturizing cream for thickened skin - 1000gr23.00 
Keritogen 30% urea moisturizing cream for thickened skin - 1000gr26.00 
Marine collagen body milk - 1000ml9.00 
Herbal hydrating body milk with macadamia oil - 1000ml12.00 
Rose hydrating body milk with macadamia oil - 1000ml12.00 
Sensual hydrating body milk with macadamia oil - 1000ml12.00 
White Flower hydrating body milk with macadamia oil - 1000ml12.00 
Scented body milk with olive oil DONNA VERDE - 1000ml12.00 
Scented body milk Fiori di Campo - 1000ml12.00 
Scented body milk with olive oil Petali & Fiori - 1000ml12.00 
Cleansing milk with snail extract - 1000ml30.00 
Cleansing milk with argan oil - 1000ml17.00 
Cleansing milk with olive oil - 1000ml12.00 
Cleansing milk and facial tonic with shea butter and green tea extract - 1000ml12.00 
Anti-acne lotion with calendula and echinacea extract - 1000gr13.00 
Sun milk with carrot oil SPF 15 - 1000ml19.00 
Sun Milk with raspberry and macadamia oils SPF15 - 1000ml34.00 
Sun Milk SPF 20 with marine collagen - 1000ml20.00 
Sun Milk with raspberry & macadamia oils SPF 25 - 1000ml50.00 
Aftersun Lotion with marine collagen and lavender&mentha essential oils - 1000gr11.00 
Marine collagen mask with spirulina platensis - 1000gr40.00 
Vegetal Anti-dandruff Complex Hair Mask - 1000gr29.00 
Intense Moisturizing Hair Mask with macadamia oil - 1000gr23.00 
Gommage Cellulo-scrub mask - 1000gr33.00 
Exfoliating mask for sensitive and cuperozic skin - 1000gr35.00 
Peel off acne mask with calendula and St John's wort extracts - 1000gr29.00 
Oil absorbing natural clay mask - 1000ml29.00 
Pedex hair conditioner with rosemary and clove - 1000gr23.00 
2-in-1 Biokeratine Shampoo - 1000ml23.00 
2-in-1 Marine Collagen Shampoo - 1000ml13.00 
Anti-dandruff vegetal complex Shampoo - 1000ml16.00 
Spirulina Platensis Shampoo - 1000ml9.00 
Nettle extract Shampoo - 1000ml9.00 
Tea tree oil Shampoo - 1000ml8.00 
Liquid Soap with aloe and chamomile extracts - 1000ml8.00 
Liquid Soap with glycerin and linden extract - 1000ml8.00 
Facial Liquid Soap with Cornflower Extract - 1000ml12.00 
Intimate Liquid Soap with Viola Tricolor extract - 1000ml15.00 
Coffee scrub - 1000gr58.00 
Argireline anti-wrinkle and lifting serum - 1000ml215.00 
Viper venom and snail extract face serum - 1000gr158.00 
Anti-cellulite body remodeling serum with viper venom - 1000gr40.00 
Repairing serum with snail extract - 1000gr792.00 
Anti-perspirant spray for the feet - 1000ml12.00 
Artromio-Calmin Forte massage oil - 1000ml51.00 
Radiant Spray - Gold Rose - 1000ml14.00 
100% Organic argan massage oil - 1000ml214.00 
Chocolate Dream massage oil - 1000ml40.00 
Bergamot and grapefruit massage oil - 1000ml20.00 
Orange massage oil - 1000ml20.00 
Coconut and olive massage oil - 1000ml25.00 
Lavender massage oil - 1000ml20.00 
Coffee macadamia massage oil - 1000ml52.00 
Candy macadamia massage oil - 1000ml52.00 
Macadamia and lavender massage oil - 1000ml52.00 
Macadamia and musk massage oil - 1000ml52.00 
Macadamia, apple and cinnamon massage oil - 1000ml52.00 
Mint leaves massage oil - 1000ml29.00 
Relaxing massage oil - 1000ml20.00 
Revitalizing massage oil - 1000ml20.00 
Rose massage oil 100 ml - 1000ml20.00 
Sun Oil SPF15 with coconut oil Bio - 1000gr98.00 
Herbagen Biphasic Massage Oil - 1000ml26.00 
Ayurveda relaxing anti-stress oil - 1000ml40.00 
Marigold Ointment Herbagen - 1000ml26.00 
Organic coconut body butter - 1000gr60.00 
Chocolate Dream body butter - 1000gr26.00 
Vanilla and coconut body butter - 1000gr26.00 

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Contact details
for bulk orders

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