Ser reparator Herbagen cu extract din melc

Repairing serum with snail extract

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Product Description

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HERBAGEN repairing serum with snail extract contains 99% Polyhelixan – a strong natural and ecological ingredient, obtained from the secretion of the Helix Aspersa garden snail. Polyhelixan is highly complex: allantoin, proteins, vitamins, alfahydroxiacids, mucopolysaccharides, proteolytic enzymes, collagen, elastin.

The product’s effects are given by its unique composition of active substances: chains of glycoconjugates molecules, proteins, peptides, enzymes, co-enzymes, trace elements that recognize imperfect or dead skin cells and replace them with new and healthy ones. Applied daily on deformed areas of the skin, it contributes to: acne inflammation scarring, keloid, post-operatory issues, radiotherapy, dermabrasion, laser treatments, burn soothing and scarring (including chemical burns), age or sun spots depigmentation, deep line or stretch marks reduction, moisturizing and improving skin elasticity by activating collagen and elastin secretion; tissue regeneration and shrinkage of cellulite deposits; protection of skin by neutralizing free radicals caused by pollution. Formula destined for damaged tissue repair.

How to use: the serum is applied through gentle massage, twice a day on clean skin. In order to remove impurities one recommends the snail extract cleansing milk or the cornflower facial soap from Herbagen and to use the products from the same range depending on the nature of the skin: dry, oily, normal.
Quantity: bottle 30 ml

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